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. >>> authorities in maryland think they have found the person responsible for two separate mother/daughter murders in the same neighborhood. back on january of last year, police found karen lofton and her daughter, charissa, shot to death in their house in maryland. then in march they found the remains of 42-year-old dolores dewitt and her daughter, ebony, in a burned-up car just a few blocks away. initially police felt the murders were a coincidence. but now sources tell news 4 they are looking at one man for both crimes. the suspect is 27 years old. he apparently lived in that neighborhood. he's not >> the small seepages we are finding right now do not present at least aat this point any indication there is a threat to the wellbore. if so, we would take immediate action. >> bp said the cost of dealing with the oil spill has reached nearly $4 billion. >>> questions about bp's role in the release of a convicted terrorist could be part of the first u.s. visit from britain's new prime minister. david cameron will meet with president obama tomorrow. administration officials say talks likely will touc
sent smoke high into the air in frederick, maryland, tonight. the flames broke out just after 7:00 in an industrial building near south carroll and old saint streets. fire officials say the building housed a company that was destroyed. nobody was inside. one firefighter had to be treated to be heat stress. it's not clear how it started. >>> bar and restaurant patrons in virginia may get a surprise tomorrow. a new law takes effect allowing customers to carry concealed weapons. jackie bensen reports from alexandria. >> reporter: starting thursday, the person sitting next to you at a virginia bar could be carrying a concealed handgun. that did not seem to bother many of the patrons at pat troy's in old-town alexandria. >> if you're carrying a concealed weapon, that means that you've gone through the proper procedures to get that. and that means that you've been checked for your background, and therefore are an appropriate person to carry that weapon. >> i don't know how i feel about it. but generally speaking, my opinion is pro gun rights. >> reporter: virginians have long been abl
. tonight, there are new water restrictions in maryland. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. confusion over who owns that water main in potomac led to a delay in getting the water turned off. as a result, thousands of customers are now being asked to conserve. jackie bensen was the first to get an up-close look at the geyser this afternoon. she has more. >> reporter: the geyser of water gushed past the level of power lines and treetops. the water main break in the 100900 block happened around 9:30 p.m. >> kind of like niagara falls. i'm hoping it doesn't make it up there. >> reporter: it was a couple hours before officials were able to confirm the 24-inch pipe belonged not to the washington suburban sanitary commission but to the city of rockville. it is a separate water system and the pipe that ruptured is its largest. >> this is our main transmission line. this is the entire water supply that comes from our treatment plant on the potomac river. it supplies our system. >> right here. >> reporter: montgomery county police closed the street as the hole caused by the
of maryland graduate who lived in the same neighborhood in largo, maryland, as the victims. he worked for a delivery service and had access to a customer database where police believe he found his victims. that man is in jail tonight on an unrelated gun charge. >> he will go down as one of the most vile murderers and criminals in the history of the united states. >> police say sources have also linked the same person of interest to the murder of vilma butler in 2008. her body was found in her house which had been set fire. >>> reds-light cameras will officially go online in arlington county in less than an hour. while many drivers are wary about the effectiveness, some local officials say you can't argue with statistics. craig melvin joined us with this story. hi, craig. >> reporter: we're at the corner of ft. meyer just over the bridge of arlington. i want to show you this camera behind me. at 12:01 if that camera catches you running a red, you'll get a ticket in the mail. you had been getting warnings until now. meanwhile, over the bridge the number of drivers getting tickets in the
of relentless heat compou compounded by humidity. thousands in d.c., maryland and virginia found themselves without power. a busy commercial section lost power for much of the day. >> starting on the other side of 13th street, some manholes that did pop. we probably have burnt cable. we're going to splice, repair the damage. try to get it done this evening. >> reporter: harry thomas jr. says his constituents are frustrated and he and others want answers. >> we're glad they're calling an emergency hearing on this, but we're reviewing the process if place and wonder why this should happen because our most vulnerable citizens and those with health issues are now in pearl. >> reporter: he said he would like to see the city open more cooling centers. back to you. >> thanks. >>> now, veronica johnson joins us when we'll get a break. >> it's coming. just hang on. the record for today, 100 degrees. 95 at reagan national, we flirt wd the record heat again and well above the average of 88 degrees. so, 95, cooler than yesterday, but the humidity was sky high all day long. persistently high with dew po
dealer who was murdered in maryland. she gained worldwide regard for her work restoring paintings, and investigators say she was killed in the studio she loved. john shriffen joins us from outside that studio in rockville with the latest. john? >> reporter: tonight i got a chance to speak with the victim's mother. she was too emotional to go on camera but told us that her daughter spends her life dedicated to the field of art. police say it was here behind me at this art studio where the woman was killed by the hands of a handyman who allegedly beat her, stabbed her, dumped her body in the district. and police say the murder weapon, a pair of scissors. >> anything that is applied in this world on an artistic world is from an upper god that created all of us. >> reporter: in a taped interview, the 45-year-old described her love for the arts. after graduating from high school in montgomery county, her mother says she spent the rest of her life traveling the world, studying paintings and restoring them to famous clients. but on monday d.c. police found her body stabbed, beaten with b
in the gambling arena. maryland has approved slots, something charlestown has had for years. now they offer games you'd expect to see in vegas and atlantic city. >> it's really taking money out of maryland, you know, and bringing it down here. so as a result, they're losing revenue. >> the casino is still packed on this opening night that people are waiting in line just to get to one of these table games. officials say more than 90% of the gamblers here are from d.c., maryland and virginia. >> when the ca sin sew nope is in full operation next week, there will be 85 different tables and a 27-table poker room. that's in addition to 5,000 slot machines. >> i just think it's going to bring a lot more people here that normally would go to atlantic city or vegas. it's just an hour down the road versus a $400 plane ticket. >> darcy spencer, news4. >>> some improperly disposed fireworks sparked a massive fire last night. the family had set off legal fire works and followed all the precautions but they placed the fire works in a plastic bucket that melted on the front porch. the resulting fire destroyed
in may that girl from maryland made national headlines had she revealed her mother's undocumented immigration status to first lady michelle obama during a visit to a school in silver spring. her mother reportedly is from peru and has overstayed her visa. daisy did not speak to the crowd or to reporters today. >>> about 18,000 people are still without power tonight. and many of them are pretty aggravated, especially those who live in neighborhoods where those with and without power are divided by just a few feet. craig melvin is in one such spot in wheaton, maryland, tonight. hi, craig. >> reporter: hey there, doreen. sunday's storm, as you can see, ripped up this tree and knocked down the power pole. these wires are not live. imagine our surprise when we rolled up and noticed that the streetlight is on, and the guy who lives in the house that the tree is partly on top of is probably watching us right now. uproots, massive. but unlike so many others over the past few days, not power killing. >> it is amazing, isn't it? i have power. i have comcast. and i have my telephone which is
investigators say that it was a faulty refrigerator that led to a massive fire in frederick, maryland, last night. the flames broke out after 7:00 near an industrial building near all saints streets. nobody was inside at the time of the fire. damage is estimated at $2.5 million. investigators have not specified what it was that sparked the fire. >>> part of alexander remains closed because of a water main break. traffic the blocked in both directions. crews have worked all day and night to make sure it is safe. king street is expected to be back open in time for the morning commute. >>> coming up, the oil sent towards shores is arriving in heavy doses. >>> temperatures are about perfect tonight, but the fourth, it's going to be a different story. >>> we'll tell you how many burgers it took to win the contest here >>> the body of senator byrd is back home in west virginia tonight. earlier today, people from across the country visited the u.s. capitol to pay their respects. senator byrd was the longer serving member of the senate. >> he was an institution. a great depefender of the institutio
comments he made about the war in afghanistan. the former maryland lieutenant governor was caught on tape attacking president obama's afghan policy. steele suggested that the war there is unwinnable. other republicans who support the war are accusing steele of undermining american troops. democrats are calling for steele to resign, steele did release a statement today calling the war a necessary one. adding that the stakes are too high to accept anything but success in afghanistan. >>> still ahead tonight, mother of the bride, hillary clinton talking about making time for her new job. >>> and this july 4th is going to be a hot one. just how hot? >>> secretary of state hillary clinton has her hands full as america's top diplomat. her latest role as mother of the bride has her beaming. clinton's daughter chelsea is said to marry an investment banker at the end of the month. in poland today, clinton talked about squeezing in dress fittings and flowers in between overseas trips. then talked about her daughter's wedding again while in china. >> my daughter is getting married. it's the most imp
was in germantown, maryland, but tonight the 3.6 tremor remains the buzz around the beltway. >> reporter: the security cameras are firmly fixed to the side of the building but this video after 5:00 a.m. is shaky because the earth itself was shaky. >> some of the cameras came on. some picked up better movement than others. >> first we noticed cracks that seemed to separate a little bit. >> thin cracks mark a house on ebb tide. >> there was a vibration in my bed. the rumble woke me up. >> reporter: his father had been through several. >> all of a sudden there was a massive explosion. nothing else. >> reporter: just up the street ron fontaine felt it also. >> it felt like a freight train coming toward the house. i'd say it was like 15 seconds. again, as soon as it happened i felt the house shift i knew what it was, and, again, because my brother lives in california. >> reporter: although it was the strongest earthquake on record in maryland there was mercifully little damage. an antique plate that was on this wall fell down and shattered. >> i yelled to my husband we just had an earthquake
not expect things to be much better on river road into bethesda and connecticut avenue both in maryland and into the northwest part of the district. it just doesn't look very good at this point. back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks. >>> the storms also had deadly consequences. the weather is blamed for knocking down a tree that slammed into a minivan in college park yesterday. police say the driver, 44-year-old michelle humanic was killed. her mother-in-law was also in that van. she was injured and taken to the hospital. >>> police in maryland say annapolis resident warren douglas smith was killed on the water yesterday. he got caught in the height of the storm while riding a personal watercraft near the bay bridge. smith was 63 years old. >>> and in virginia, the loudon county sheriff's office says the tree limb struck 6-year-old eric lawson in sterling. it happened while he was walking near a park with his family about 3:15 yesterday afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >>> the water restrictions from montgomery and prince george's county have finally been lifted. they
and sentenced to 18 years in prison. now he's been released as part of that swap. >>> maryland health officials now say two more deaths have been attributed to the hot weather. that brings the total number of heat-related deaths in the state to ten. the most recent deaths include one in baltimore and another in prince george's county. both victims were over the age of 65 and had underlying conditions. the victims were found inside their homes which did not have air conditioning and were above 90 degrees inside. >>> some much needed relief from the heat is on the way. it also comes with some rain which we also need pretty badly. meteorologist veronica johnson joins us with the latest. what's the good news, veronica? >> reporter: the good news is that we're really cooling down to a rain and that really today we're wrapping up this latest heat wave because next couple of days are going to feel really nice. and how about today? cool start to the workweek, 93 the temperature. 93 at 2:00. as you said, we're getting much needed rainfall. weather watcher brian couch frederick county, virginia, shawneel
of there in fairfax, also some more rain. but this one area from high ridge coming through columbia, maryland, possibly producing some hail as well as some heavy rains. there is a look at the potential or risk area for tomorrow. many more warnings. i think they'll be widespread between the afternoon tomorrow and about 8:00 p.m. so 2:00 to 8:00 is the window to watch for tomorrow. >> thanks, veronica. >>> rain wasn't the only thing making the roads slick in montgomery county. a 24-inch water main burst in potomac on south glen road near norton road. crews closed part of the road to traffic. the city of rockville owns the pipe. so far there have been no service interruptions or water restrictions. that is the same 24-inch water main that ruptured last week. it sent water spewing high into the air for several hours on wednesday and prompted water restrictions for rockville residents into the weekend. city officials aren't sure how long it will take to fix the section of pipe that broke today. >>> washington spends more than $70 million a year on homeland security. but last friday a 19-year-old i
evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. the extreme heat broke records in virginia, maryland and every other mid-atlantic state. and though not a record, we hit 102 in washington today. as we'll hear from our reporters, the heat proved too much for some infrastructure in our area. and downright dangerous for people and pets. but we begin with meteorologist veronica johnson. >> as you said, 102 degrees today. that was just one degree shy of the record. and we hit that at 4:00. we knew this was going to be a long, hot day for us. when at noontime the temperature rose to 100 degrees. but 4:00, again, 102. then we stayed with that high heat right until about 7:00 to 8:00. 97 was the temperature at 8:00 p.m. and even at 10:00 p.m. is when we finally dropped into the 80s. again, the record, 103 set back in 1999. you can see still plenty hot. 87 in the district. 78. generally in the 80s now with humidity feeling more like we're in the mid-80s. we've got another day of this, just one more of high heat. heat advisory for tomorrow. and we could easily, i think, tie if not break the rec
maryland, up in the mountains of west virginia might get a sprinkle. in washington i don't think we have a chance of a rain drop during the overnight hours. that will change during the day as this weather front starts to slide in our direction. plenty of heat and humidity in the atmosphere, plenty of abundant energy for the thunderstorms to get going and stay going. we will be under the gun for severe weather. high pressure builds in and takes the edge off the high heat. >> a few clouds over night, steamy, sticky and stuffy. highs 95 to 100. beach goers, thunderstorms follow you to the ocean. better beach weather monday. there is our extended forecast. 99 tomorrow. one shy of a record. 92 monday. only 90 chilly degrees on tuesday. a few passing showers on wednesday and thursday. highs look to be trending downward. tomorrow is the last of the killer heat days out there. >> can't come fast enough. >>> when we come back, we take you behind enemy lines. the cowboys open up their training camp. >>> at 6:00 i asked you during one of your stories why the nats would call it the guy who has strug
in manassas. th thurmont maryland, 73. look at the radar, no rain around us, go right over the chesapeake bay bridge, look at that. thunderstorms in and around dover delaware, down toward milford still dry for ocean city. little area of low pressure getting going off the coast. as it continues to spin, that's what's throwing the moisture back in the thunderstorms into delaware. we don't need to worry about those. they'll work their way offshore, sunday will be a beauty around here. we'll be on the front side of that high tomorrow, that means relatively cool, pleasant northwesterly breeze. highs tomorrow upper 80s to near 90. it will be july warm, it won't be as humid as it's been. a little ripple in the atmosphere comes our way by monday night. we'll enhance our chances by rain and thunderstorms. partly cloudy, the rain is over, getting up tomorrow morning, 62 in the western suburbs to 72 around town. for tomorrow, mostly sunny, less humid, pleasant tomorrow with highs 85 to 90. if tomorrow's your breakaway day for the beach, sunshine tomorrow and monday. beautiful weather at the beaches for
to maryland state highway officials. crews inspected the bridges overnight. surveillance cameras were rolling when the 3.6 magnitude quake hit at about 5:00 yesterday morning. officials do say that some aftershocks could happen over the next couple days. >>> a local youth basketball league learns important lessons about giving and forgiving. we'll talk about that, plus a popular clothing store for teenagers faced with harsh criticism. >>> paris hilton detained for drug possession overseas again. what the heiress is saying about the latest accusations against her. >>> coming up in sports, the final wizards summer league game. >>> and tiger woods putts his way out of contention. >>> you got it, i got >>> a local youth basketball league is gone. simmons friend ran off with all the money to start the league. >> a lot of people were angry, wanted to give back. instead of getting back, let's give. not only do we want to win games, we want to teach players about responsibility, diligence, endurance, perseverance, respect. >> meanwhile, the man who took the team's money says he's taking care of a sic
beach, trees down across the area. rockville, maryland, and north up into baltimore. those are the boughts you see there. that is the wind damage today. and south and west around augusta, virginia. rainfall, not much. one of the strongest wind gusts, up to 34 miles an hour. compare that to what we had sunday. 70 and 75-mile-an-hour wind gusts. this storm nothing like the monster this weekend. close though the weekend there. chantilly, well over an inch. and 73 in manassas. we just have to get rid of the humidity. and temperatures not too high. phoenix, over 100 degrees. and temperatures through the south in the 80s. the pattern, doing better here for the latter part of jewel. and there is the dry air in new england, the temperatures are down in the 50s around new york city and boston. high pressure moving in. there is the next weather system. that is going to move in mainly for sunday. saturday night a few showers around the area. low humidity, 60 to 69. 84 to 88. pleasant. and for the weekend, nice considering we are talking about rain late in the day saturday. and through
at quantico. and 72 for clinton, maryland. and leonardtown, up you are 70s. and you are checking in with 71 for west virginia. and tomorrow's forecast, low 70s for your start at 6:00. 10:00, we will be mostly sunny and 83. and tomorrow we will take a stab at 90, and then if you are watching from cumberland, west virginia, western virginia, you could have a few late-day storms. i think inside the beltway things will hold off until tomorrow night, and then tuesday when the heavens are going to be opening up. here are how things look now. we are quiet for the time being. but i am pretty sure we will have two decent days for showers and thunderstorms, and as we think about the probability, we really need it here. no tumble weeds quite through the area yet. but with the rainfall deficit for 2010, here is how the week is unfolding. i think our best chances come tuesday and wednesday. we have a 70% chance, and then a 40% chance over the two days, i think we get 1 inch to 1.5 inches of rain. sunday looks like another shot. that's how you need to plan to wash your car. if you are going to do it tomo
't believe a secluded house in waldorf, maryland, was operating as a brothel. police in charles county raided the home on old washington road on friday. they arrested the homeowner, 45-year-old patty tippette and her tenant, 29-year-old travis morrison. police say the two had at least three adults and a 17-year-old girl working there as prostitutes. tippett denied knowing that prostitution was taking place in her home, but investigators say otherwise. >> sex was being sold, and we used some undercover people to go in and precipitate enough of an investigation and information in order to obtain a search warrant. >> both tippett and morrison have been released after posting bond. >>> a large counterfeit cash bust in northern virginia involves $100 bills printed partially in spanish. prince william county police first found several bills on 30-year-old jose portia last month. that led them to 39-year-old ronald vinto. police say he had about 60 of the fake bebenjamins. ironically, a spanish phrase meaning lucky money was printed on the funny money. the bills are connected to more than 100 counte
.47 inches in maryland. alexandria, you folks picked up just over an inch. the air so saturated. there's the cold front. look at the cooldown. cincinnati, high ohio, today, 7. even denver up to 98. a little heat now on the west coast. of course, they've got the dry air with 48-degree dew point temperature. still here saturated. it's not till thursday we'll be getting into some less humid air across the area. back to about 60 to 65 degrees on thursday. so the next 48 hours, that front's going to be pushing through. a chance for more afternoon showers. and maybe thunderstorms tomorrow. only about a 40% chance, though, for tomorrow afternoon. so your morning may be a little wet. certainly i think there will be pockets of fog around the area. 70 to 75, the temperature. and we'll quickly break out into sunshine tomorrow. and again some heat. 87 to 91. it's going to be hot. it's going to be sticky tomorrow. and then just plain old hot on thursday. a little bit more comfortable. and then rain back for the end of the week and first part of the weekend. right now just a 40% chance for saturday.
and to rehydrate. >>> crews made some important headway today on that cracked water main in potomac, maryland, but water restrictions from montgomery and prince george's county remain in place. the workers successfully removed the damaged section of pipe. they replaced it with a new one. washington's sanitary commission says it is now testing the water in that pipe for bacteria. if those tests come back okay, the workers will put the main back in service and they'll lift the water restrictions. wsse says it hopes that will be tomorrow morning. >>> a neighborhood in the district is mourning the loss tonight of a college student who may have been killed for making a joke that somebody didn't like. jackie bensen is at police headquarters with more on this. jackie? >> reporter: jim, joshua hopkins was home on summer break from fairmont state university in west virginia when he was murdered at a rec center near his house. when joshua hopkins accomplished things like getting an internship in the u.s. congressman's office or getting accepted to college, his whole northeast d.c. neighborhood took pri
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23